17 Best WordPress Themes for Fashion Blogs

So, you’re ready to start your fashion blog.

(Or take your existing blog to the next level.)

One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make before you go pro is which WordPress theme you’ll use on your site to show off your photos and content.

So what are the best WordPress themes for fashion blogs?

What Makes a Great Fashion Blog Theme?

There are, quite literally, thousands of themes you could choose from.

A very small samples of WordPress themes sold by ThemeForest, one of many theme marketplaces.

It will help your decision immensely to narrow the field to only those themes that meet your specific needs as a fashion blogger.

The problem is, if you’re just getting started you might not know what those needs are just yet!

No worries. As an experienced blogger, here are a couple of things I would look for.

Visual Style

Fashion is all about visuals.

While bloggers in other niches may prefer layouts that put the written word front and center, you’ll want a theme that easily highlights your photography, featured images, and brand aesthetic.

Magazine-style themes often work well because they use a grid layout and lots of imagery, but it really comes down to your personal preference and what looks good to you.

When it comes to features, look for themes that include easy-to-build photo carousels and galleries. You might even consider choosing a theme that’s Retina ready, meaning it looks great on ultra-high resolution monitors.


The importance of having your own unique look can’t be overstated.

In other topic areas, you can get away with a cookie cutter or vanilla theme with excellent content, but as a fashion blogger, your aesthetic and design eye will help set you apart.

Look for themes that are popular or vetted by a large user base, but offer tons of customization options. You’ll want to be able to easily rearrange the layout, tweak the color pallette, and add or remove widget areas — otherwise it’ll look just like everyone else’s website!

It’s helpful when a theme includes “sample websites” or templates you can install with one-click and then fine-tune to your liking. If the theme easily integrates with page builders like Elementor, all the better.


Most themes worth their salt these days are designed to work well on phones and tablets, but make sure to view the features you love most with a mobile-first eye.

View the demo sites on your phone and see how they look and function before you shell out money for a premium fashion theme.

You might find that all the best features of the theme live in a sidebar that gets pushed to the bottom of the page on mobile, the menu becomes difficult to find, or that the slick typography is difficult to read on a smaller screen.

Site Speed

You’ll want a theme that has powerful built-in functionality and doesn’t rely on a dozen different plugins to operate.

The best and fastest themes for fashion bloggers will often include some smart backend features that help your site load quickly like prioritizing content above the fold, lazy-loading images, and more.

Pro tip: Run the live theme preview URL through a speed tool like Google Pagespeed Insights to see how it performs out of the box.

Now that we know what we’re looking for, let’s jump into the best free and premium WordPress themes for fashion bloggers.

The 4 Best Free WordPress Themes for Fashion Blogs

Almost any WordPress theme is better than spending weeks looking for the perfect one.

If you want to make a full-time income from your blog, you’re going to have to get busy creating content and promoting your work.

Sometimes it’s best to roll with a free theme for a while just to get the ball rolling.

Here are our favorite free themes for getting started:


Download / Demo

GeneratePress is an ultra-basic free theme built for raw speed.


If you care about getting recurring organic traffic (mostly from Google) you should care about site-speed, or how fast content on your blog loads for users.

Speed is GeneratePress’s main claim to fame, featuring smart loading protocols, a small file size, and no unnecessary plugins.

The design of the free version is extremely basic and limited, but if you’re a new fashion blogger, it’s enough for you to start publishing content.

When you’re ready, you can upgrade to GeneratePress premium and gain access to some gorgeous pre-made templates.

Club Fashion

Download / Demo

If you dig the idea of a free theme but can’t quite stomach the plain vanilla look of GeneratePress, you might love Club Fashion.


It’s simple, versatile, and easy to use, but its magazine-style layout makes it an especially attractive option for fashion bloggers.

It’s one of the best free themes around for brilliantly displaying featured images with every post and can even integrate with WooCommerce if you plan on selling your own products online.

(Not many free themes can do that.)

Fluid Basics

Download / Demo

Fluid Basics does an excellent job of bringing a modern twist to the classic blog layout.


While it more closely resembles a newspaper than a magazine, the typography is excellent in this theme and you’ll find the bare feature set leads to blazing fast load times.

As a plus, the theme creators have added space within the content containers for advertisements when your blog is ready to earn a little money.


Download / Demo

When it comes to blogging about fashion, style is everything. And Juliet might just be the prettiest free WordPress theme on the market.


The magazine layout on the front page is perfect for showing off all of your fashion blog posts and their featured images. You’ll especially love this layout if you want to display your own photography along with your written content.

Juliet is another great example of a minimalist theme that doesn’t rely on bulking plugins to do its heavy lifting. You’ll find the load times fast and your site a pleasure to navigate.

The 13 Best Premium WordPress Themes for Fashion Blogs

When you’re ready to invest in your blog as a business — or when your blog starts earning revenue every month — you’ll likely want to upgrade to a premium or paid theme.


Premium themes usually have more features, better customization options, and most importantly, customer support if something goes wrong or you have a question about how to use the theme.

Paying for a theme is usually a small investment in the grand scheme of your blogging business.

With that in mind, here are some of the best premium themes for fashion bloggers:


Download / Demo

The contrast between Malina and the free themes above should be immediately apparent.

Here you get a sleek magazine design, eye-popping visuals, and perfectly paired typography.


Malina also comes with 12 pre-built templates so you can get your perfect look up and running in an instant. From there, customize your site using Elementor page builder (fully compatible), 8 different header layouts, built-in sliders, tons of social and content widgets, and near limitless typography and color options.

This theme also gets high marks for its ease of use and lightning fast customer support.


Download / Demo

Brookside is a gorgeous magazine-style premium WordPress theme that’s become a fast favorite of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers.



The theme includes a handful of truly stunning example templates you can easily install and build from, all of which feature bold typography and an emphasis on visuals with a minimalist aesthetic.

Brookside’s support and documentation are top-notch, so if there’s something you want this theme to do but can’t figure out how, the answer is never more than an email away!

This one’s ready to go with the full Google fonts library, 7 different post layouts, and a handful of image gallery styles for you to play with.


Download / Demo

Fast and flexible. That’s Aena for you.

Beautiful themes like this one can often be bogged down by bloated plugins and bulky add-ons, but not Aena. It’s built for speed and boasts out of the box PageSpeed scores of 94+.


It may be lightweight, but that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. If it’s visuals you’re into, you’ll love that Aena is Retina & 4K ready — so it can display whatever brilliant images you throw at it in all their glory.

The 5 built-in demo sites are all unbelievably unique and flaunt entirely different styles, so you won’t ever feel boxed in by this theme.

If you want your fashion blog to be easy to use and lightning fast, check out Aena.

Miss Sunshine

Download / Demo

Miss Sunshine was built specifically for fashion bloggers, so it’s definitely worthy of your consideration.


Choose from 7 different homepage layouts, all of which highlight your amazing imagery with light, crisp typography.

Install any of them with just a single click and then customize the rest. Miss Sunshine comes with 6 different ways to display your latest blog posts, image sliders, masonry and grid-style galleries, and plenty of drag-and-drop features to explore.

It’s also fully Retina-ready and will easily integrate with all of your major social media accounts (a must for fashion blogs!).


Download / Demo

Professional-looking and feature-rich, the Essence theme by StudioPress is a perfect fit for anyone in the health, fitness, or lifestyle niches.


With one of the best looking default headers around, you’ll grab visitors instantly with your imagery and catchy copy. While there aren’t any vastly different demo sites to install with Essence, the original is pretty much perfect and offers a lot of room for you to personalize the look of your site.

Anything you can see, you can tweak using the Essence Theme Customizer tool — not to mention, you’ll be able to see those changes in real time.

Explore tons of different built-in widgets, build mobile-friendly tables, and start your own ecommerce store with easy WooCommerce integration.

It doesn’t get much better than Essence.

Mai Lifestyle Pro

Download / Demo

If you love Essence but need a slightly different look, check out Mai Lifestyle Pro.


Part magazine, part newspaper, Mai brings written content and photography to life in equal amounts with amazing elegance.

Still, there’s plenty of room to customize here with 9 different page layouts and access to a detailed Theme Customizer.

This is a great theme to choose for your fashion blog if there’s more to your site than just blog posts. The sectioned homepage allows you to drive new users to content, galleries, a portfolio, contact forms, and more.


Download / Demo

Niche is all about photos, with a minimalist design and dainty typography out of the box.


If you’re looking for the perfect theme to show off your photography, looks, outfits, and favorite products, this might be the one for you.

Of course, you can always customize any aspect of the theme with the Theme Customizer — from colors, to fonts, to adding or subtracting tons of widgets (like email sign-up and feature products) throughout the site.

Niche can be up and running in just minutes, but has the versatility for endless tweaks and customizations.


Download / Demo

Another perfect theme for influencers and fashion bloggers, Refined puts your photos front and center.


But your content will have its chance to shine, don’t worry!

Choose from 3 different blog post layouts (left sidebar, right sidebar, full width) and change every font on the site to your heart’s content. You can also customize colors, insert galleries and widgets, and sell your own products with WooCommerce.

This is a theme designed to grow with you as your content, skills, and offerings evolve over time.


Download / Demo

Glam’s claim to fame is its simple but effective header that puts your brand name front and center.


Your photos and content will shine, too, but the default layout inside Glam is excellent for branding and building a loyal audience. Readers will definitely remember your name after browsing this theme.

Like all the StudioPress themes, of course, you’ll have access to the Theme Customizer where you can tweak every color, font, and widget on the site with just a couple of clicks.


Download / Demo

If minimalist Instagram accounts were a blog theme, they would be Simply.

Think lots of white space, airy typography, and few distractions between your readers and your content.


There’s lots of room here to display photography in galleries, featured images, and embeds, but Simply is mostly designed to be easy on the eyes.

Choose this one if you want readers to be engulfed by your stories and aesthetic, undistracted by pop-up boxes, unnecessary design elements, and flashy colors.

If you use it for a while and find it’s too simple, just make a couple of tweaks with the customizer and you’ve got a whole new look on your hands!


Download / Demo

Wish your site could look like the media publications you read online every day? With Felt, it can.


Out of the box, this theme looks like a niche journal or online publication. It oozes authority and professionalism, from the carefully chosen fonts to the boldly displayed categories.

Use the built-in Style Manager to edit anything on the site — fonts, colors, and drag-and-drop widgets. The theme even suggests color palettes that pair well together if you want to switch from the default.

Felt is designed to be full of color and helpful design elements that guide readers toward your content without feeling overwhelming, and it absolutely succeeds.

The Traveler

Download / Demo

This one, if you couldn’t guess, was built with travel bloggers in mind, but it’s absolutely perfect for anyone with gorgeous photos to show off.


Its magazine-style grid layout brings blog post featured images to life, and its super lean code ensures everything loads in a jiff.

The Traveler also uses the native Customizer tool built into WordPress to give you full control over every design decision across your entire site.

Paper Bag

Download / Demo

Are all blog posts really created equal? Paper Bag doesn’t think so.

If you consider yourself a full-on content creator and not just a fashion blogger, you’ll enjoy the various post-types inside the Paper Bag theme.


Create posts from sliders, galleries, podcasts, YouTube videos, and more. Then display your content archives in any way you want using 11 different post layout configurations.

Want to customize even further beyond colors, fonts, and layouts? Use Elementor, Beaver, or Divi page builders and architect your blog exactly the way you want.

No matter how you choose to build, you’ll get A plus customer support along the way with Paper Bag.

Making Your Choice

Even with a whittled down list like this one, you have a lot of choices!

The good news is that changing your theme on WordPress is usually a simple and painless process if you decide to change your mind or try a few different options.

If you’re just starting out, pick a clean and simple free theme for your first couple of months. Spend those early days creating content, finding your voice, and promoting your work.

When your blog has some traction, traffic, and most importantly, revenue, upgrade to a premium theme with better features and customer support.

By then, you’ll know exactly what you need your theme to do and how you want it to look.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below!

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